LoCI Controls Granted First-Ever Patent on Using Emissions Measurement to Optimize Landfill Gas Collection Operations

First international patents, 29 U.S. patents issued support LoCI's leadership role in reducing methane emissions

(WAREHAM, MA) April 30, 2024 — LoCI Controls, Inc., the leader in real-time data and control technology to increase methane capture and reduce emissions from landfills, today announced the company has been granted the first-ever U.S. patent that covers the use of emissions measurement to optimize landfill gas collection systems.

The new patent, US 11,865,594 B2, includes technology to measure concentrations of greenhouse gases from landfills and uses these measurements to improve gas collection system operations and on-site action at landfills across the U.S. While the company's patent portfolio has continuously focused on unique and novel ways to employ real-time data to enhance the landfill gas collection process, this latest patent specifically leverages emissions concentration measurements from landfills.

According to recent studies, including the April 2024 "Quantifying methane emissions from United States landfills" research published in Science, methane emissions from landfills are significantly higher than previously estimated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) industry. Earlier this month, the U.S. EPA also announced updated rules related to the reporting and calculation of methane emissions from landfills, indicating that previous landfill gas collection efficiencies did not accurately reflect actual emissions.

The agency's final rules stated, "All the measurement study data we reviewed suggests that current GHGRP [Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program] collection efficiencies are overstated on average by 10-percentage points or more…We determined it is appropriate to finalize the lower default gas collection efficiencies and apply the lower gas collection efficiency for all landfills."

With the increased focus on methane emissions across non-profits, government agencies, and the waste sector, the new patent reinforces LoCI's development of innovative solutions to both measure and reduce these harmful emissions.

"LoCI's goal is to provide the MSW industry new measurement and control technologies that support landfill operations teams, allow for increased gas collection, and reduce emissions at landfills. We are excited to share the news of this first-ever patent grant, using emissions measurements to directly enhance landfill gas collection operations," said Peter Quigley, CEO and Chairman of LoCI Controls. "By using LoCI's system and our real-time emissions measurements, landfills can enhance their operations and align with corporate sustainability goals to reduce their Scope 1 emissions," added Quigley.

In addition to the emissions measurement patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the European Patent Office and country-specific offices have granted LoCI its first international patents — five patents for its innovative technology to support landfill operations and emissions reduction. With over 35 total patents granted and additional patents pending, LoCI's continued focus on optimizing landfill gas collection and reducing emissions notably aligns with near-term commitments to quickly reduce methane emissions on a large scale, including the Global Methane Pledge, now signed by more than 155 countries.

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About LoCI Controls 
LoCI Controls, Inc. is the leading real-time data and control company that increases methane capture and reduces emissions from landfills. Founded in 2013 by MIT graduate students, the company combines on-site measurement and cloud-based software to increase landfill gas collection, while also offering on-site and remote operating support, at landfills across the United States. LoCI's real-time data and control systems currently support gas collection operations on more than 60 U.S. landfills. LoCI's system and technology is covered by over 35 issued U.S. and international patents, with additional U.S. and international patents pending. For more information, visit locicontrols.com

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