LoCI Controls Generates Industry-First Voluntary Carbon Credits from Environmental Attribute Pilot Projects

American Carbon Registry methodology quantifies benefits of automated landfill gas control technology to generate carbon credits and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

(WAREHAM, MA) September 21, 2023 — LoCI Controls, Inc., the leader in real-time data and control technology to increase methane capture and reduce emissions from landfills, today announced the creation of industry-first carbon credits from methane emission reduction projects at two municipal solid waste landfills. Credits issued from these projects can be used in compliance markets, such as ICAO's CORSIA, as well as towards voluntary climate commitments.

Following the American Carbon Registry (ACR) methodology, LoCI uses automated landfill gas control technology and real-time data to increase methane captured at landfills above and beyond existing regulations, creating financial incentives for landfills to reduce emissions. LoCI's system, which increases gas collection by typically 10-20% above baseline conditions and, thereby, decreases fugitive emissions from venting to the atmosphere, can be leveraged to generate carbon credits at landfills subject to U.S. EPA regulatory oversight by exceeding regulatory standards and common practice and by demonstrating additional atmospheric benefits.

LoCI worked with two municipal landfills and independent electricity generating facilities to create the recently issued carbon credits. By using LoCI's real-time, data-driven platform and control system, the first pilot facility, located in New Jersey, saw an increase in methane capture of more than 15% beyond baseline conditions over the first 18 months of the project's operations. The pilot's resulting credits reflected a reduction of 29,760 metric tons of CO2 equivalent (CO2e) emissions, an amount equal to the greenhouse gas emissions from 6,623 gas-powered passenger vehicles driven for one year.

LoCI's second carbon credit pilot project ran at a municipal solid waste landfill in North Carolina. Over the project's first six-month reporting period in 2022, the facility saw a 12.5% increase in methane capture beyond baseline conditions — resulting in 22,161 metric tons of reduced CO2e emissions, equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions from 4,931 gas-powered passenger vehicles driven for one year.

"The American Carbon Registry is excited to support LoCI's recent pilot project developments and for the new opportunity to catalyze action in methane emission reduction. ACR is particularly focused on methane due to its higher impacts over the next decades. Carbon markets offer an incentive for regulated entities to go above and beyond command-and-control regulatory requirements. Our methodology, alongside real-time data and control technology at landfills, allows for greater near-term impact in the fight against climate change, through the issuance of high quality, high integrity carbon credits," said Maris Densmore, Director of Industrial Solutions at American Carbon Registry.

"Demand for carbon credits generated from methane emission reduction will continue to grow as global priorities increasingly focus on minimizing these harmful emissions — a key to slowing the rate of climate change over the next ten years," said Peter Quigley, Chairman and CEO of LoCI Controls. "Now, in addition to the benefits of reduced greenhouse gas emissions, increased landfill gas for electricity production, and reduced Environmental, Health, and Safety risks, it's possible for landfill gas to energy projects to generate additional sources of revenue. The team at LoCI is excited and ready to build on our recent pilot projects, incentivizing landfills to reduce emissions."

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About LoCI Controls
LoCI Controls, Inc. is the leading real-time data and control technology company that increases methane capture and reduces emissions from landfills. Founded in 2013 by MIT graduate students, the company combines on-site measurement and cloud-based software to increase landfill gas collection, while also offering on-site and remote operating support. LoCI's system and technology is installed on landfill projects across the United States, covered by 25 issued U.S. patents, with additional U.S. and international patents pending. For more information, visit locicontrols.com.


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