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LoCI real-time data and control technology

Improve Landfill Gas Collection Operations – Reduce Emissions

  • Leverage real-time data to improve gas collection operations
    • Increased safety by reduced man hours worked in wellfield
    • Empower landfill employees through real-time data
    • Enhanced visibility and control over the entire wellfield
    • Faster troubleshooting and gas collection system repairs
    • Increased revenue opportunities with no CAPEX or OPEX investment by landfill
  • Reduce Fugitive Emissions and Odors
    • Increased gas collection efficiency = reduced emissions
    • Reduced fugitive emissions odors and complaints
    • Reduced emissions of NMOC’s
    • Reduced methane and other greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increase landfill gas and methane recovery
    • Increased royalties from beneficial use projects
    • New sources of revenue associated with methane emission reduction leveraging LoCI's methane emission reduction platform.

LoCI's methane capture and emission reduction platform can be supplied to landfill owners at no-cost to landfills on a gain-sharing basis through new environmental attributes based on leveraging real-time data and control technology to reduce landfill emissions.

Our patented cloud-connected technology platform optimizes methane and landfill gas capture through 24/7/365 real-time measurement at each collection point, as well as aggregate gas composition and flow by providing real-time measurements of all parameters critical to the gas collection operation, including methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen concentrations, balance gas calculated, system and applied pressures, flow, landfill gas temperature, ambient temperature, and barometric pressure. In addition, LoCI has recently integrated real-time liquid level measurement inside collection wells to assist landfills to lower cost and increase productivity in liquid management to further improve gas collection system efficiency and reduce harmful fugitive emissions.

LoCI’s real-time data and control platform enables landfill owners and operators to improve gas collection operations, reduces risk for onsite personnel, and provides new sources of revenue, by leveraging real-time data on gas collection process to increase methane capture and reduce greenhouse gas and other harmful landfill emissions. Contact us to learn more.

Increased methane captured and additional plant uptime through real-time data and control of the landfill gas collection process

  • Increase revenue & returns
  • Provides better performance, consistency of landfill gas feedstock, and methane capture for RNG producers, especially when landfill owners or other third parties operate the landfill gas collection system
  • 24/7/365 data and visibility on the landfill gas collection system
  • Improved stability and consistency of landfill gas delivered to RNG upgrading plant
  • Tighter landfill gas tolerances and more stable flow to plan with LoCI system vs manual control of wellfield
  • Maximize methane recovery
  • Faster response to operational problems in the wellfield, which impact RNG plant operations
  • Increased visibility and control across the entire wellfield
  • Improved coordination and teamwork with LoCI supporting both landfill owner/operator, and RNG producer.

LoCI's patented cloud-connected platform enables improved landfill gas collection system performance which improves RNG operations by maximizing methane resource recovery from landfills, and increases plant uptime by more quickly identifying problems in the collection system through header measurement as well as individual collection well real-time data and control.

Leveraging data and technology to enhance methane recovery and reduce emissions is at the very heart of what we do at LoCI. We provide RNG operators unrivaled wellfield data, reduced health and safety risks, real-time liquid level measurement at each vertical collection point, and 24/7/365 LoCI remote, and when needed, on-site support. Working with LoCI will increase financial returns for RNG producers.

LoCI's real-time data and control platform is offered to RNG producers on a service basis – initially month-to-month, then transitioning to one to five-year service agreements when Loci’s value proposition has been validated by our RNG customers.

Improve plant operations and maximize returns with LoCI's methane-capture and real-time data platform. Contact us to learn more.

LoCI has created new environmental attributes for landfill gas to electricity projects

  • Increased revenue
  • Increased methane capture, and electricity production
  • Increased safety by reducing man hours spent troubleshooting problems in the landfill gas collection system
  • Enhanced visibility and control of the collection system
  • 24/7/365 LoCI remote and onsite support for your LFG to electric operations

LoCI's system can be provided to landfill gas to electricity producers where LoCI is compensated based on the value of emission reduction from the landfill based on new environmental attributes resulting from the use of Loci’s real-time data and control platform.

LoCI's combination of real-time 24/7/365 measurement and control improves landfill gas collection operations – increasing methane captured and electricity generated by landfill gas to electricity operators. With Loci's data-driven platform, Landfill Gas to Electric operators benefit from improved methane, more plant uptime, and reduced risk to any on-site personnel by reducing time spent in the wellfield.

LoCI adds significant value for LFG to electric projects. Contact us to learn more.