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LoCI Technology Reduces Methane Emissions

LoCI is a real time data and control platform company that uses a patented technology to increase methane capture and reduce emissions from landfills.

Methane and carbon dioxide are generated in landfills from decomposing organic material. The EPA estimates that landfills are the third largest man-made source of methane emissions. In fact, according to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, methane emission reduction is the number one global priority over the next 10 years, to slow the rate of climate change.

Founded in 2013 by MIT graduates, the Company’s patented technology combines on-site measurement system with cloud-based software, data management and automation, and field as well as remote operating support. The result is improved methane capture and emission reduction from landfills for our gas collection system operators who convert methane to Renewable Natural Gas or Renewable Electricity. More methane captured means increased revenue and financial returns for both landfills and the downstream RNG or Electricity producers who use landfill gas as a feedstock.

LoCI is led by Peter Quigley, CEO & Chairman, a seasoned leader in disruptive energy technologies. The Company’s proprietary platform leverages algorithms and automation to optimize the gas collection process based on real-time data and is also supported by a team of analysts who operate remotely, monitor measurements, and respond in real-time to atmospheric or changing gas collection system conditions.

LoCI is the lowest cost, no land-use, high-impact solution to slow the rate of global warming and generate environmental attributes across the methane reduction ecosystem.

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Innovation is at the core of everything we do at LoCI. Our mission is to deliver a unique, technology-driven real-time data and control platform to optimize landfill gas collection and minimize harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

– Peter Quigley, LoCI Chairman and CEO