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Loci Controls is the leader in automated landfill gas collection. Our patented products and technology provide remote wellfield monitoring and control through cloud-based software and ground support that maximizes the performance of landfill gas collection process. Designed for landfill gas to pipeline projects and high value LFG to electric projects, Loci’s 24/7/365 monitoring, measurement and control of landfill gas composition, pressure, temperature and flow has proven to increase gas collection by 20% or more while improving safety and reducing operational costs.

Founded in 2013 by MIT graduates, Loci is led by Peter Quigley, CEO & Chairman, a seasoned leader in disruptive energy technologies. The Company’s automated gas collection operations are supported by a team of analysts who operate remotely, monitor data, and respond in real-time to atmospheric conditions. On-the-ground technicians provide all required maintenance as well as technical and operational support for our customers. The result is maximized gas collection system efficiency while meeting customer-specified landfill gas composition standards.

The Company’s patented system currently operates at thousands of wells at RNG landfill projects throughout the country.

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Innovation is at the core of everything we do at Loci. It is our mission to deliver a unique, cutting-edge solution to optimize landfill gas collection combined with a detailed, service-driven approach to each customer experience.

– Peter Quigley, Loci Chairman and CEO

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