What is Landfill Gas Automation?

Patent-pending technology monitors and controls the landfill gas collection process.
Designed for high-BTU pipeline gas projects or high value LFG to electric projects, to optimize gas quality and flow.
Proven to increase gas collection by 20% or more—while decreasing fugitive emissions and operating costs.
Continuously monitors and tunes each collection well to maximize methane collection.

Benefits of Landfill Gas Automation

Increase Revenue

  • Maximize methane flow
  • Control N₂ in the wellfield
  • Automated valve adjustments
  • Better collection system efficiency
  • Reduce plant downtime

Increase Productivity

  • For both plant & employees
  • Lower labor costs for wellfield tuning and O&M
  • Reduce plant maintenance costs

Reduce Environment Health & Safety Risks

  • Reduce man hours spent in wellfield
  • Reduce fugitive gas emissions
  • Reduce odors

Ready to improve quality and increase landfill gas collection by 20%?

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