With sensor technology and wireless capabilities advancing, never before has it been easier to collect information about the world around us. We believe that for industrial processes, deeper understanding gained through data analytics leads to more precise control and better performance of those processes. This is particularly true in cases where tedious manual labor is required, access is difficult, or changes happen quickly. The landfill industry is a prime example of an area which can benefit from advancing technology to improve system performance.



All trash produces landfill gas as it decomposes, and a primary component of this gas is methane. This landfill gas is extracted by applying a centralized vacuum to a network of collection wells and pipes throughout the landfill. Recognizing the value of this landfill gas as a clean energy resource, 636 landfills in the US have installed landfill gas to energy projects to utilize this methane, and there are over 450 additional candidate sites. In a typical landfill gas to energy plant, collected landfill gas is used to power a turbine or engine, with the resulting electricity being sold to the grid to supplement the revenues of the landfill.




Although the solid waste industry is increasingly sophisticated in the managing of landfills, the process of collecting methane and maintaining gas quality is still difficult. Currently, landfill gas extraction is poorly controlled because there is a lack of tools to help managers understand and respond to variations in gas production.  Constant adjustments are needed to the individual collection wells in the extraction system, but changes are made manually and infrequently, and troubleshooting and regulatory compliance can be painstaking.

Loci Controls provides an integrated solution for real-time monitoring of landfill gas production, and optimization of revenue for landfill gas to energy plants.

  • Wireless sensor networks allow users to access detailed information about the landfill from any location.
  • Tailored alerts make troubleshooting simple.
  • A custom optimization algorithm predicts adjustments to the gas collection system for maximum performance.
  • An automatic control system keeps the gas production perfectly tuned.

With the Loci Controls solution, revenue from the landfill gas-to-energy plant is increased, risk of noncompliance is mitigated, and odor complaints can be instantly addressed.