Field Notes

Field Note 8

How Loci Controls' automated gas collection varies from manual tuning

Field Note 7

Challenges and best practices to achieve accurate wellhead flow management

Field Note 6

Loci Controls automated Landfill Gas-Collection System Increases Power Plant Uptime by 5% Over a 12-Month Period

Field Note 5

Loci Controls automatically optimizes gas collection, adjusting to changing weather conditions in order to reduce fugitive emissions

Field Note 4

Loci Controls increased LFG flow at Landfill by 39%

Field Note 3

Loci Controls Increases Gas Collection by 33% While Reducing Odor at a Landfill in the Northeastern US

Field Note 2

Loci Controls can save high-BTU landfill operator over $20k per month in labor costs

Field Note 1

Loci Controls increased profitability at a high-BTU facility by maximizing CH4 flow

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