Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Loci algorithm be changed for different LFG applications, such as energy production, high-BTU gas, LFG to liquid fuel?

Yes, the algorithms can be tuned not only for different applications but will improve over time for each specific landfill as the system gains more data. Loci Controls adds the most value for high-BTU sites or LFG to liquid fuel, where operators need to maintain tight gas quality thresholds and deliver gas flow to a high-value market. We also operate at electricity sites where operators have excess power generating and sales capacity.

How will Loci Controls affect my landfill?

Our well-head mounted hardware with an on-board sensor package that remotely monitors pressure, temperature, O₂, CO₂, CH₄, system vacuum, flow, and balance gas helps you continuously monitor and optimize the landfill operations 24/7/365.

How much will it cost to automate my landfill gas collection system?

Loci’s technology pays for itself by increasing methane production up to 30%. There should be no increase in costs, rather an increase in revenues and earnings. Also, with our lease program, there is no up-front cash requirement, so cash-flows are always positive to the owners.

What about odor control?

Absolutely, because fugitive emissions of any type negatively impact a landfill, Loci’s algorithms can be set to maximize methane production, minimize odors, both or a combination of other goals.

How will it affect my compliance requirements?

Established compliance testing and reporting methods will continue to be used, and in the future we expect that Loci will be able to automate the compliance data collection, and reporting process. Further, Loci controllers smooth and improve operations. If anything, compliance should be easier with Loci Controls because the landfills should have fewer exceedances of compliance standards.

How do I operate the system—will I need as many wellfield technicians?

The system operates automatically and can be viewed and monitored through a web browser. Wellfield technicians still play important roles in compliance and manual operations, but Loci Controls free up their time for more value-added activities.

Who is responsible for repairs and routine maintenance?

Loci Controls warranties its hardware and software, and under our lease arrangement, Loci provides all field level and remote support to keep the Loci Controls systems operating at maximum efficiency.

How about battery life, or operations in cloudy climates?

Under normal operating conditions, the Loci system is designed to operate with battery power for up to two to three weeks, without re-charging from the solar panel. The Loci Controls system uses a 10 W solar panel—which is deemed to be sufficient in most installations, but custom solutions can be provided which might include supplemental batteries, and/or larger solar panels, where climate conditions warrant extended run time between battery re-charging.

What about the security of data and control system?

Loci WellWatcher is secured using TLS encryption and certificate-based host authentication. Account credentials are encrypted in transit and on our servers. Controllers and Sentries communicate with our servers via an on-demand cellular private IP data service. Loci servers are hosted at Amazon Web Services, an ISO-27001 certified cloud provider.

How much can I expect landfill gas flow to increase at my site?

Loci’s automated landfill gas collection system would be expected to increase gas collection by 20% or more.

Can I use the Loci Controls system to help improve gas quality at the plant?

Yes, Loci Controls systems have been used at some of the largest high-BTU sites in the US to control gas quality, without a nitrogen rejection unit. The operator provides Loci with gas quality thresholds, and the automated system will tune the field to meet the requirements. Automated control decreases variability in gas quality and provides higher quality gas up front, decreasing the requirements for costly gas clean-up.

Can I see more about what Loci Controls does?

Sure, we have a great introduction video that explains the benefits and features of our automated landfill gas collection.

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