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The Loci Controller is a core component of Loci’s automated landfill gas collection product and service offering, increasing gas collection system efficiency, increasing productivity, and reducing environment, health and safety risks. The Controller is designed for productive wells on high-BTU sites.

Installation of the Loci Controller is recommended for productive wells at high BTU sites, where the tolerance on gas composition requires control precision down to tenths of a percent.


  • Well-mounted
  • Wireless communication system
  • Measures gas composition (CO₂, CH₄, O₂, and balance gas (calculated)) with optical sensors analogous to industry standard analyzers, but with performance approaching that of a gas chromatograph
  • Measures differential pressure with a Venturi Flo-Wing to calculate flow
  • Measures landfill gas temperature and barometric pressure
  • Data displayed in real-time on the WellWatcher user interface
  • Automated, precision controlled ball valve that regulates flow at each well
  • Automated control based on Loci Controls’ control algorithm which analyzes well and field-level flow and gas composition in real-time while maximizing gas collection and methane flow, all within operator-established gas composition set-points

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