Loci Controls wins $750,000 NSF Grant

Loci Controls has won a $750,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to develop a novel gas composition sensor for use in automated landfill gas collection systems.

This project has the potential to improve the economics of the Landfill Gas to Energy (LFGE) market and reduce the environmental impact of landfills. With industry-wide implementation, annual revenues from existing LFGE projects could be increased by over $450 million. The additional energy produced would power over 350,000 homes. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas (GHG), and the EPA estimates that in 2011, emissions from landfills accounted for nearly 17.5% of generation from all man-made sources in the US. The associated reduction in GHG emissions from improved landfill gas collection would be equivalent to the emissions of over 3.6 billion gallons of gasoline or 76 million barrels of oil. Furthermore, because of the improved economics, this Phase II project could encourage the development of new LFG-E projects, further expanding the size and value of this market. According to EPA estimates, currently undeveloped sites could account for an additional 850 MW of power generation, enough to power over 508,000 homes.

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