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Loci Controls is the leader in automated landfill gas collection. Loci utilizes patent-pending technology and control algorithms to monitor and control the landfill gas-collection process. Because the landfill well-field is an integrated and interconnected system, Loci’s ability to continuously monitor all collection wells and simultaneously tune each well maximizes the collection of methane from the whole well-field. While each landfill has a unique operating environment, our system has proven to increase gas collection by 20% or more on installed wells—while decreasing fugitive emissions and operating costs.

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Loci Controls has been called upon to optimize gas collection at landfills nationwide, and our Field Notes clearly illustrate how our products have positively affected revenue streams and operational performance at many of these facilities.

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Through constant innovation and market expertise, Loci Controls’ products are trusted by landfill and power plant operators to increase revenue, mitigate risks, ensure regulatory compliance, and rejuvenate under-performing wells—check out our FAQs to learn more.

Here are the benefits

Increased Revenue

  • Maximize methane gas flow
  • Optimize gas composition
  • Automate real-time wellhead adjustment and data collection
  • Boost plant uptime

Decrease Costs

  • Lower labor costs for wellfield tuning and O&M
  • Reduce equipment maintenance costs

Reduce Risks

  • Reduce fugitive LFG emissions
  • Prevent significant maintenance issues

Are you ready to increase your landfill gas collection by 30%?

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